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Hi, I'm married but filed chapter7 by myself. I did not reaffirm our mortgage per our attorneys recommendation. We are currently making payments on our mortgage. My bk was just discharged. I was told that although we continue to make payments, these will not have a positive impact on my credit report. My question show about my husbands? He did not file, if the payments are made on time, will the payments not show on his credit report as well? He is the primary borrower on our mortgage. Will the mortgageable on his credit report as discharged? Any info will be appreciated . Thank you

As you have haven't reaffirmed the mortgage, you're not personally liable for paying the mortgage and thus the lender is not liable to report the payments to the credit bureaus. But as your husband did not file bankruptcy, as far as I know, paying the mortgage on time will have a positive affect on your husband's credit report.

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savion.parker savion.parker

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was the mortgage on your CR before the BK?if not then it shouldn't impact you either way.positively or negatively.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks for your response. The mortgage was on my credit report as well. It is on both of our names, I'm the co borrower

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HalVarez13 HalVarez13

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