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So my lawyer is MIA. He, neither my paralegal, will return emails or phonecalls. After I paid him well over $1,000 outta pocket. However...

My original court date was Oct 20th. My lawyer forgot to bring my car title, so the trustee adjourned it to Nov 4th. I also signed a re-affirmation agreement on October 20th to keep my car.

Does the 60-day period (where creditors can object and, as far as I understand it, I can change my mind on keeping my car) start on Oct 20th, or November 4th?

Also, after the 60th day, is there usually a one-week or two-week period of time it takes to get the discharge papers? I am a bit behind on my car payment and my car company told me "as long as I am current by the time the account goes back to normal you will be fine".

My lawyer himself, on the day of the 341 meeting...actually told me i should receive my discharge papers two weeks after the 341 meeting...which made no sense to me.

If anyone can assist, I would appreciate it!!!

Two weeks to receive discharge papers? Dont think so...

Ever thought of just showing up at his office??xaq2c6

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Ya, I went today actually. Still can't get an answer to whether the 60 days counts from the Oct 20th date, or the adjournment date of Nov 4th.

He says its up to the ok? lol honestly.

Can anyone answer that question?

Sub: #2 posted on Mon, 12/05/2011 - 12:19

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