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Want to know what to do if we can't afford payments on the chapter 13 because our attorney has had to file it twice for us in the past year. He new my husband had lost his job, but yet he didn't seem to do anything for us. So we paid him money up front twice to file both times and then he charged us his fees twice. The fees for filing twice was 1,000.00. The first case we had paid in was about 5,400.00. And now we have paid in the second time so far is 2,300.00. My husband had lost his job a second time, but didn't last but about 3 weeks before he got another one. But in the mean time we are a little behind in our payment and have been told that they are going up. I just think that we can't afford this anymore. Look at all the money we have spent to try to stay in bankruptcy add it up. And don't tell us to find another attorney because we have no more money. What should we do.

Tamara Burris

Can I ask why you needed to do everything twice?

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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If you have got behind on your payments, then there are high chances that your bankruptcy filing will get dismissed and your creditors will be able to come after you in order to collect the dues. You should apply for a hardship discharge with your bankruptcy court in order to get rid of all your debts.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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