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I have been unemployed for 3 months, I just got a part-time job working 10 hours a week, it hardly pays for my gas getting there. And, after my 32 year old horse feed runs out in 2 weeks, I am going to have to put him down. I just depleted my savings, and can not afford to file bandruptcy. I owe $6,600 in credit cards. I plan to stop paying this month, and move out of the country. Can they take my home, and what are the other consequences that my actions would incur? I would like to work other means out, I do owe them, but they want me to go to a Credit Counselor, and I am only making $70.00 a weekThank you. I feel my only options are, is leaving the country, which I have a friend on a sailboat that has offered me a cabin. But, again, I may have to return, and don't know what I will be returning to.

If you don't pay off your credit card debts, the credit card company may charge off the debt and sell off the account to a collection agency. Or they may place a lien against your property after getting a judgment from the court.

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Seems to me there is a whole lot more to this story that is not being revealed. Why no unemployment? And you own your home? How are you paying that? You going to walk away from that too?

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1. Thank you for keeping your horse alive for such a long time. Hope mine last to 32.

2. If you move out of the country creditors are not likely to follow you but you probably will eventually lose the home as you will, presumably, not be paying the mortgage.

3. The credit counseling that you are referring to is the stupid course you have to take in order to file a bk. It is a 45 minute exercise in futility done over the Internet. It is nothing more than paper pushing to obtain a 1 page certificate that allows you to file bk.

4. Before you run away to another country sit down with several bk attnys. Consultations are usually free. You can gain a lot of information and then decide if you want to file pro se (without an attny). The bk court in your district probably has a self help center. You can also google "Nolo Press".


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