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Judgement on my credit report after filing bankruptcy

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How do I clear up a judgement that is shwing on our credit report? The judgement was included in our bankruptcy and was paid through that process.

Also, a creditor chose to write off the balance we owed instead of filing a claim during the bankruptcy. They are still reporting the write off as a bad debt on a monthly basis and it's been more than 2 years. Can they keep doing this? If so, for how long? They should have filed the papers with the court and they would have been paid too.

Any help or direction is appreicated.

How do I clear up a judgement that is shwing on our credit report?

A judgment is a public record that will stay in your credit report for seven years from the date the judgment has been passed and it cannot be removed before this period even if you pay off the judgment amount. However, if the judgment is paid, it will reflect as "paid judgment" in your credit report.

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You can write to the credit reporting agencies which this is being reported to and contest it. The company which is reporting your debt has 30 days to reply or it is removed from the report. In most cases they do not reply.
I know a girl who removed three negative reports from her credit report this way. her credit score went back up to 700+ unfortunately, she wasn't credit worthy after doing this and got herself into more trouble trying to work the system.

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Why on earth are you commenting on a 2 year old thread???

The judgment like any other debt is discharged in bankrutpcy. However it can continue to be reported as long as it indicates "included in bankrutpcy."

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