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Western Sky Loan, can you include that in a BK 7?

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So, I have been searching online as a friend of mine took out one of those horribly expensive loans from Western Sky. You may have seen the commercials, they are such a scam, and she was in such need I guess she didnt really think too much into it.
Anyway, she is now terrified as she has lost her job and the payments are something like 180 a month- which she cannot pay. They (western sky) told her that she cannot file bk and include them as they are an Indian reservation and a sovereign nation- is this true? How can a company lock people into a loan with no way out? Anyway, I have found no answers online and thought I would ask here. Thanks..
here is the link for the site

I don't think what Western Sky is claiming is correct. Your friend can include that loan in bankruptcy. However, a bankruptcy attorney can give you detailed answer to you friend.

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Of course you can include it in bankrutpcy. These lenders will try to tell you took the loan out based on their laws....but the truth is, you took it out under the laws of your state, not under their sovereign state laws.

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Mr. Webb is lying through his teeth. His entity is licensed under the auspices of the good State of South Dakota. "Soverign Nation", my a_ _.

See: rs/AllDocuments.aspx?&BID=DL018925&query=western+sky

Get him to put something in writing and take it to the State Attorney General for consumer fraud prosecution.


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If all else fails, go cowboy on those idiots!

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I wouldn't bother including it in your bankruptcy, unless your attorney advises you otherwise.

The loan, legally, is not even payable because the contract is unenforceable.

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She can absolutely include it in bk. There are very few things that cannot be discharged in bk-student loans and child support but everything else generally can be. Western Sky has terribly high interest rates much like most payday loans. If you or anyone else needs a personal loan that is NOT a payday loan ADVERTISING LINK REMOVED PER TOS

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You should talk to a lawyer and get his/her help if you want to file for bankruptcy since there are many trips and traps you could fall into, but in general, payday loans are included in bankruptcy cases all the time.
The commercials may it look so easy, but they are awful loans, and terribly expensive. If you don't have the money today, why will you be able to pay back that much more in a few weeks? Nasty business. :evil:

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If you dont have the money for an attorney, look for a paralegal filing service.

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