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Hey everyone!

I wrote about a situation I'm in on another bankruptcy site and wanted to see what others thought about my question and people's responses.

I am filing bankruptcy on this coming Tuesday. I'm $10,000 dollars below the median income for my area and nearly $25,000 below for my state. I have no assets. Between December of this year and July of next year, I am likely to quit my job and move about 800 miles away without any sort of prospectives of a job. People on the other forum mentioned this could raise flags to the trustee, however, if my bankruptcy is discharged will it make a difference if I quit my job and move?

What other forum? Curious as I would like to set it straight.

The fact is, if you are filing a 7 no one cares what you do after the filing date (you must keep the court apprized of your new address and you must return for the 341 meeting). Chapter 7 bk is a snap-shot in time dealing (with a few exceptions) with what your situation was on the date of filing, not the day after.

Now, if you are filing a 13 and you stop working how are you going to be able to make the Plan payment? As a result, if the information you were give relates to a 13 it was correct.


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