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Wells Fargo did not send my reaffirmation agreement to the Court

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I just pulled my 3 free credit reports for the first time since I received my discharge back in August 2009. To my surpise, Wells Fargo did not file my reaffirmation agreement with the Court. My 2nd mortgage company did as well as my auto loan company. I was never late on my mortgage and now I am no longer getting credit for paying on time. I called my bankruptcy attorney and Wells Fargo and they are pointing fingers at each other. I am stuck in the middle. I am thinking about reopening my case to get the reaffirmation agreement in. I called the Judge's chambers and they told me to file a motion to reopen my case. I just have to get a copy of the reaffirmation agreement that was signed before my discharge was entered. I faxed Wells Fargo a request for it, hopefully they will send it to me. Does anyone have any advise????

If you have already been discharged, I believe, you have a bankruptcy attorney. Consult him and take his advice. And keep your fingers crossed, may Wells Fargo reply to your request. Best of luck.

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It is very difficult for our office to get Reaff's filed with Wells Fargo. I am a Bankruptcy Paralegal, and deal with them daily. I cannot give you legal advice. In my experience, sometimes people are able to reopen their cases if they pay the court fee and have the attorney do the Motion to Reopen for the purpose of filing the Reaffirmation Agreement. In order for this to be filed with the court, your case HAS TO BE REOPENED. They cannot file it unless and until that happens, also, your Reaff will have no weight even if you do get a copy of it. It is not legally binding unless it was filed with court. Good luck! Tell me where you live, and if you are close, we could do it for you for small attorney fees.

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