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I have filed bankruptcy few months back and surrendered my home. at present, I am living at my friend's apartment. But I can't go on living in his apartment forever. I have to find an apartment soon. Can I rent an apartment? Will the landlords agree to rent me an apartment? Thanks in advance.

It's possible that you could get an apartment on your own but it's more likely you'll need a cosigner.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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It will be difficult. I would suggest you to go to the individual land lords. Big apartment complexes may refuse to rent you. The individual lenders may agree to rent you after hearing your case. if you can pay the rent of the first month in advance, then this may convince the individual land lords that you'll make the monthly rent payments on time. Alternatively, I would suggest you to start re-building your credit.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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I used to work for an apartment complex with complexes all over the US. Renting is NOT an issue if you have filed bankruptcy. They are only concerned if you have skipped out on other rent or have been evicted. They are looking for the income that shows you can afford it. Filling bk lowers or eliminates your monthly expenses thus you are more likely to be able to afford rent.

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Soaplady is right on as usual:). I rented my apt. right after BK, and it was no problem.

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