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Read this if you take a loan from Cash Today Ltd.

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It will be of great use to read the below lengthy paragraphs if u have taken a loan from cash today or planning to take one.
I am typing this from london, uk. i used to work for this company called Cashtoday ltd. Thank god, now i am working in a different company. The working condition in collections department is pathetic and all the employees who work here are either students or illegal immigrants and the company doesnt pay taxes or anything of such sort.
In the united kingdom this company is registered as

Cashtoday ltd aims at collecting USD358 from each and every customer. So, for all the people whose outstanding is above $358 dont panic just tell them that u will only pay $358 to get the account closed(Also mind how much have u paid already).Keep on negotiating for an even lesser amount if u intend to close the loan.

Let me explain u what precautions are to be taken in order to avoid future harassments and to evade the this payment.
1)once u take this loan its better to change the bank account as the companys software is designed to hit the bank account on the next payday.
2)if u have filed for bankruptcy, just fax the papers to 18006909925.
3)In order to get the calls stopped at work place, tell that this person(customer) is no longer working in this company and owe money to many companies and other stuff. We can even block calling up a particular number but most of the guys dont do that unless it is told by a manger. so talk to manger and get the number blocked.(DAN CRADDOK or for Manager-- Darren)

4)when u default a payment, collection agents call up at all the numbers which are in our records. when they call, u ask for Director --DAN CRADDOK or for Manager-- Darren and tell them not to call at ur work place. They r the key persons of the company. Harass them.
Also keep calling the collections number--18006704075 and as this is a toll free number this costs a lot more than making outbound calls for the company.

HOW TO ENSURE THAT U GET THE LOAN:(this is useful if u r a first time payday loan taker with cashtoday)
The sales agents who works here make GBP 4.00 per sale. Once the sale is done verification dept verifies if the customer is employed full time and check if the work tel ph number is a land line number
and then they release the $200.
This work number must be a landline phone number else the sale will get rejected.
---so to ensure that u get the money u can give ur home number and someone should tell that u r working full time at the moment and that is the work place.

Let me inform u few key reasons why the sale gets rejected.
1)if the work ph is not a landline number(inorder to play safe u can give ur home land line number and tell that the person is working there)
2)if the net income is less than USD220 per week.(its better to tell that u get atleast usd 500 irrespective of payfrequency)
3)if u dont get paid by direct deposit
4)if u r working at ur work place for less than 3 months.

Dealing with COLLECTION agents(useful for people who already defaulted pymt)
1)firstly the loan itself is an illegal loan and u must expect the agents to be beast. they are being fired if they dont collect the money. so they r behaving like that with customers, it not actually for bonuses, but rather for survival.
2) if u dont have the money tell them that ur bank account is frozen and u will be able to pay only thru money order. ( if u choose money order option collection agents will not call u until 10days after the MO due date.
3)Always talk to DAN CRADDOK(director)or Darren(manager) or Binu Fernandez(manager) or stuart(training manager) or to any team leader.

I have typed a lot for now...
Currently there are more than 50000 customer for cash today ltd.
America is a very rich nation, but after working in this company i feel pity on all the people who take a loan for $200.

If you have any queries, let me know
i will definitely help u out.

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You are the best thing since sliced bread. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this companies proceedures to the unfortionate who have taken out a loan from them. Really helpful information. I figured out the whole I don't work here anymore thing. I can sympathize however with the employees for that place. I almost feel bad but cannot understand why they do not find another job. But thank you again so much seriously I don't think you can possibly understand the amount of people you are going to help with what you have written. Thank you again!

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elisia_louise elisia_louise

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cash today collection:

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you =)

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Yes a big thank you for posting here. A lot of people have inquired about the practices and procedures of Cash Today. I know this posting will assist many people out there.

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Rhonda28 Rhonda28

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Cashtoday collections

Thanks so much for this valuable information. Can you please tell us about the debits that this company does. These debits sound with unauthorized names and how can we deal with such things legally.

The people from Cash Today claim that they do not come under the US jurisdiction on violation of any law. But since, they are doing business here; they must be having some physical location. Can you please give some opinion here? How to deal with unauthorized debits?

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ben ben

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Ben and others, Please RE READ my post on the other thread for ICS about doing financial transactions with companies base over sees.

According to the US Federal Trade Commission, because these transactions are deemd to have teken place at their home office in England, US LAWS DO NOT APPLY!!! IF you take out a loan with anyone where the transaction is deemd to have taken place inanother country YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED UNDER AMERICAN LAWS!! The fact that you live in the US or that the computer used was in the US HAS NO EFFECT, YOU WILL NOT BE PROTECTED BY THE fdcpa or the FCRA!!

Many of the cash advance websites ARE NOT EVEN LICENSED to do busines in the US!!

When I explained the hypothetical situation to the lady from the FTC the First words out of her mouth were DON'T DO IT!!!

Try to avoid any payday or shot term loans in general. But if you have no other alternative, and your just really backed into a corner, do business with a store front operation in your home town. That way you know your are protected under State and Federal laws.

Please, PLease think twice, three even foru time before making a dangeous decision.

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thats is really upsetting and confusing, but this morning i recieved a response back from the bbb, uk complaint link and they said this:

Trust UK is the e-commerce standards agency. As such, it approves the codes of subscriber & membership bodies and hears complaints about webtraders based in the UK. It does not maintain records of all those engaged in e-business in the UK.

I have spoken to my colleague Daniel Landes regarding this, and have looked at the website myself. Unfortunately I note after reading through the company's terms and conditions on their website that they fall under the judiciary of the USA. This is clear in the second paragraph where it states ???It shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. Sections 1-16??? ??? this law is not relevant to the UK and as such does not have any bearing. This dictates that this company should be judged under US law and not UK. Further to this I would be weary of the credibility of the letter that has been received from an ex-employee of said company. I've looked at and this is a marketing consultancy and does not appear to be anyway related to

I regret therefore that we are unable to help you and the best point of contact to try to resolve this query is the FTC in Washington ( However Daniel has forwarded on your complaint to the Scambusters division of the OFT (the official regulatory body for such matters) here in England and they will be in touch if there is anything that they can do.

Rest assured that we are doing as much as we can to help you in this matter.

Kind regards,
Peter Trinder
Trust UK

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This is amazing. Both the UK and US government are shifting their responsibilities to one other. I wonder who this Cash Today really is. They are able to do business without any legal origin and keep scamming people.

If the government is not doing taking actions, who should we further refer to!!!! Only thing that we consumers can do is to spread the word as much as possible. This will help people in knowing about Cash Today and thereby resist them from entering into any financial dealing.

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ben ben

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cashtoday collections:

First of all, THANK YOU for the info. Will they leave you alone if you've filed bankruptcy? I'm glad you gave us the fax number to send bankruptcy documents.

Also, what is their physical address, meaning the address where you went to work every day when you were an employee?

Thanks again!

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Hi peeved

Welcome to the forums.

If the debt is discharged in bankruptcy, no creditor should try to collect the debt from you. Cash Today is already in violation of so many laws. I guess the government can take some actions against such companies with illegal intentions.


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roxette roxette

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i found this message on another site:

Stuart Stanford

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2005 8:28 am Post subject: I.C.S.

ok, on the subject of I.C.S. and Cash Today, which are linked.
I am an employee of Cash Today for the collections department who try and get the money back from defaulting americans who take the money we loan them in good faith and then don't repay.
In the transcript, (that's the phone conversation) it states, and i quote 'do you understand that the loan you are receiving is being made by I.C.S./Cash Today Ltd of London England, that the terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England, and that you submit yourself to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts? If yes, please state your full name and today's date.' When you agree to this, you agree to submit to the laws of England, which includes wage garnishments. We actually don't give out the loan to people who are self employed so by misleading our company into believing you have an employer, you have committed fraud.
as for the person who was not accepted for the loan due to the amount of hours they worked, i have no idea why this was the case. We only refuse loans to people who have worked at their job for less than three months, maybe this was the case and the representative did not explain what they meant properly.

You can lodge your complaint with the FTC and the BBB and anyone else you like, as we are not an american company, we lie outside their jurisdiction.

as long as someone meets our requirements to take out the loan and makes the payments when agreed, you should have no problems with either of the companies you complain about so vociferously.

and as for Miss - 'We must stop these people from England who fail to abide by American law!' - YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!


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