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Submitted by Mary Adkins Matthews on Mon, 07/28/2008 - 18:30
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Chexsystems verifies your checking activity and functions as a consumer credit reporting agency. Most banks and credit unions use it when opening a new deposit account. Because Chexsystems is a CRA, it is your right to dispute with chexsystems.

Just as you can ask for one free credit report every year, you can also ask for a Free chexsystems report once a year. As a consumer, you can question any information in Chexsystems, and you can also dispute entries and the evidence that supports the reported activity.

Is Chexsystems a fair system? Many have objected to its reporting practices, stating that the system does not report fairly, and unlike credit bureaus, which have both positive and negative information on your credit report. Many say that chexsystems only contains negative information. They claim that this in turn jeopardizes your reputation as a consumer, when those consumers would otherwise be qualified to open checking accounts.

Another growing problem I am seeing is Early Warning Services (EWS). More and more people are being denied accounts because of EWS. Banks that never used and still do not use Chexsystems are now using EWS. Almost anyone that has been reported to Chexsystems is also reported to EWS.

For a FREE copy of your chexsystems report go to

No, it should not strike anything up at all. If it has been past 5 years then you should be removed. There are times that they do not remove you as they should and sending in a simple request does the job. They can not remove you after 5 years and then put you back becuase you order a copy of your report.

my list of non-chex banks and credit unions is located at

Submitted by Mary Adkins Matthews on Wed, 08/13/2008 - 04:10

Mary Adkins Matthews

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