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Is there any debt consolidation comps that pay payday loans?

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I was curious, I have multiple payday loans out and are finding problems trying to pay them back as I lost my job and I am a single mom barely making ends meet. Are their any debt consolidation companies out their that will pay on payday loans? I am in dire need of help! Please respond asap with your knowledge as I am lost at where to go. Thanks for all your help!

yes, there are companies out there that do that. I was surprised to hear there were, but VERY happy about it

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Ms G Ms G

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Hi Luauinaz

Once you register in this website, a consolidation company will call you from your area and discuss about the debt accounts. The payments will be structured as per your financial situation and it will get posted towards your debt accounts. You might see light at the end of the tunnel after discussing your problems with the counselor. The registration is free here so you can give a try.

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Justme Justme

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Thanks for your help. Do you happen to know any of the names of these companies who consolidate payday loans? I have registered here but have only received calls from people consolidators who claim that their is noone who consolidates payday loans. Please respond.

Thanks again!

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Someone called me and they dont deal with consolidation of payday loans?? Know anybody that does ?? Or a number i can call???

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if you type in t&c in the search on this page you will find other threads about t&c, they do deal with payday loans, but I can't find a phone number. Anyone out there got it?

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Way to go guys... :D

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