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I have what I think is an unusual situation. I had a Direct Merchants credit card account through HSBC. Because of many financial troubles I didn't pay for more than 6 months. Last month I sent them a letter with a $100.00 payment indicating that I can start up payments again and catch up when I can. They cashed the check and then about 2-3 weeks later (March 8th) I receive a letter from "The Bureaus, Inc." collection agency indicating that this debt was purchased from MET1 by Bureaus Investment Group No 11 LLC. The balance also was increased indicating that my $100.00 was never applied anywhere. First of all, who is MET1?? Obviously, I need to ask for validation on this in order to find out who really owns the debt. Any ideas on who was MET1 because I certainly don't think it was the original creditor. It appears that this account has changed hands three times (Original Creditor, MET1, then Bureaus Investment Group) within a two to three week period. Any thoughts, suggestions, or ideas would be appreciated.

Send the bureau guys a dv letter certified return receipt.

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