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1-800-542-1048 - How this number belongs to NCA?

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Does anyone have a name to go with this number. We got a call from them, but don't know who they are.

Hello to everyone .I get this number calling me at all times ...They even call my work and my fellow employee teeling them that I do not work there .. And I just do NOT answer the phone .. ITs that simple .What is the worst thing can they do to you ? They will only get five cent on the dollar from a judge . So hey do not worry and DO NOT answer the phone .And if they call at work just asked who are you holding for .IF they say your name say they do not work here anymore .Lol

Sub: #11 posted on Sat, 12/19/2009 - 08:27


Hello, to those that need help, I have this company's info because it showed up on my credit report. Their address is P.O. Box 550, 327 W fourth st, Hutchinson, KS 67504-0550 and the only contact number I have is 1-866-964-5259.

Sub: #12 posted on Wed, 12/23/2009 - 22:03


I got the same call it so wierd , at my job and they tryed to thread me , and again they called my cell phone , home phone and other contacts it creepy how did they get my contacts . than 2 months later a agent came and knocked my door
one with a suit and tux and other one with a rich looking colorful suit witha suit case ,.....storie continues but i still wonder why they called me and came to my house , when they came to my house they also threadened me in front of my family and me!!,...

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justinB you are soooo full of S*IT!! we dont go to your house [EMAIL="dubm@$$"]dubm@$$[/EMAIL]. we are a collection agency for payday loans and credit cards. we arent the bad people here...its you people who dont pay your debts! if you want to put us out of business, heres a quick way...get everyone on this site to pay their debts!

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This number keeps calling my phone. I'll answer the call and as soon as i say "hello" there is a recording and all it says is "goodbye" in a mans voice. Very annoying...I just got this phone number. I called the 1800 number back and they said they would take this phone number off but they keep calling asking for a Ambrosa Cosby or Crosby. Im tired of these calls.

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Same here, they called my work and asked for me. Receptionist told me he sounded SHADY.. so I let it go to voicemail.. No he called back, I refused to answer and then he left a message... Call MATT back 1-800-542-1048 X1225. What is there problem? Don't they realize the country is still in recession, people are getting laid off daily, companies are cutting back, closing their doors.. GIVE us a break.. Not sure what to do! But this is HARASSMENT!!

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What kind of credit Agency posts on these sites? Here you are suppose to represent the agency in a very respectful manner and you are telling people that they are full of s***. What the heck is wrong with you? :hug:

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