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I have received calls at work to the point where the person from National Financial Systems is using fowl language with my co workers that answer the phone and won't let them talk to me because I can't receive calls at work. I almost lost my job this week because of this. I finally got ahold of this collection agency today and the man I spoke with was very rude to me which doesn't suprise me because what he has done to the people at my job. I told him I could only pay $50 a month and he said that was un acceptable and then just sat quiet on the phone. I said well how much do I owe. He said I owed $980.89 and I would have to pay the past due of $294.28 and then $125 a month at the lowest until this account is paid off. I can't afford that. I told him not to call me at work. He said what is your work number. I said I can't remember because I didn't want to give it to him again. He said he can't remove it if he doesn't know what it is. That made no sense. I gave him a number to call if he needed to and told him I would have to see what I could work out. At that point he just hung up the phone on me. I'm so stressed out about this and it is causing a lot of problems at work and in my home life. I don't know what to do and can't handle the stress this person from the collection agency is putting me through.

The first thing you need to do is send this company a DV letter with a full C&D attached. This will help if they are state side. I suspect they are scamming you based on the way you described them acting on the phone and it sounds like it might be one of the foreign PDLs. I would advise never speaking to them on the phone again EVER. Have all your coworkings tell the collector you were fired or quit so he won't call your place of employment anymore. Have them state that then immediately hang up. If you want to have any contact with them do it by mail only. If they call and you answer imediatly state that they are allowed to contact you via mail only and then hang up. There is no sense in letting these idiots abuse you over the phone.

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I would hold off on the full C&D and only send a DV letter. The 2 just don't go together. You can't request validation and for them to cease contact. What state do you reside in? When was the last time you paid on the account? Before considering C&D's, you need to determine whether they have any legal recourse.

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Seriously, send a LIMITED cease and desist letter that explains it is inconvenient for you to receive calls at work and home. Only communicate with you throught the mail.

Have you received anything in mail from them concerning this alleged debt yet? I would immediately send out a debt validation letter for them to prove to you that they are entitled to collect on the debt, what the debt is from, and how the debt total was calculated.

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This company called me again on July 28th and offered me a settlement of $588.00 I mailed the payment that evening. I didn't even think to overnight the money order. I have been so stressed out and crying non stop and at my wits end. They said it had to be to them by the last day of July. Again with all the stress I just sent it postal mail. They called again today and wanted to know when I was going to pay the $392 I told the guy I accepted a settlement. He transfered me to the guy I originally spoke with and he said To Bad! The settlement payment was received on August 1st and now you owe the remaining balance of $392. I don't have anymore money to send them. I can't even afford my medication that I need. Now they are wanting $98 a month until this is paid in full. Please Help Me Somebody! I can't deal with this and the collection people are so rude and I have done everything that I can. I tried my hardest and this is about to push me over the edge for good. Please respond somebody! Please!

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For future reference don't ever make a settlement payment without having the offer in writing. They do exactly what they did to you if you don't have it in writing. Personally I would send them a full C&D along with a picture of my middle finger if they treated me that way. I would state that this debt was settled in full per our phone conversation dated xxx and if they wished to have any futher contact then they will need to contact you through your local court system. I would also state that they are to remove all negative remarks on any credit report and if they don't you will sue for violations of the FCRA. Just an FYI it will be hard to win without their offer in writing but you can still threaten it. Hopefully they will violate the full Cease Comm and you can settle using that. These guys won't sue you over $400 especially since you verbally agreed for the $600 you paid. I suspect this is a scam outfit anyway and they are just trying to scare you into paying.

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