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I received a call from Phoenix debt management a Ms. Bradford, they state they have 4 of my internet PDL's however she stated they could not provide a debt validation that that would have to come from they internet companies. I have another account with them and I was told that these other 4 were sent back to ASI so I contacted ASI and sent them a debt validation letter today. Anyways Ms. Bradford stated that if I don't give her my bank information today in like an hour for a settlement that they are going to send a wage assignment to my employer by way of the sheriff. I'm confused as to what to do..can you please help me

Thank you

What internet payday loans are you dealing with? A word of advice, Never Give A Collection Agency Your Banking Info!! They will continue to debit from it without your consent.

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Most PDLs have a voluntary wage assignment clause included in the loan agreement, all you need to do is send written revocation of wage assignment rights to the original creditor. It would be best to send it certified mail, return receipt requested. Also if you have sent the debt collection agency a validation letter within the 30 day period then they must cease all collection activity until validation is provided.

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I sent the debt validation to Phoenix debt management by fax and Certified mail, well when they received the Dv by fax they called me immediatly and told me this is not something that they do and I would have to go throught the original creditor. I called AIS as they have the exact same accounts as Phoenix Debt Management does...very confusing nad I was told by AIS that what this woman at Phoenix Debt Management did was illegal as far as saying that she would send the wage assignment today. ASI said that this is just a scare tactic and its completly illegal. Hmm should I belive this guy at AIS?


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some employers wont even accept a wage assessment. I've never heard of one coming by way of sherrif before either. Write soemthing up to revoke the wage assessment and get it to your HR dept.

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LOL I am the HR at my office :)

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As JCEMT advised, send a written revocation of your voluntary wage assignment, and as jt advised, be sure to get a copy to your employer.

It sounds like your bank account is secure since they don't have your account number. If any of them do have your account number, you need to be sure to secure your bank account also.

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What should the letter for the wage revocation say, I am having the same trouble with the PDM company they are threatening to garnish

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well, i did all the proper steps on my end with PDM. Sent the faxes, sent the certified mail, which was then returned to me, sent emails, which were returned as not being read. So I have kept everything as is, including saving the emails so when good old Ms. Bradford calls me again I will have some proof against them!!

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Send FedEx or UPS Red. They will likely accept those.

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So what should the letter of wage revocation say?

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