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I received a call from Phoenix debt management a Ms. Bradford, they state they have 4 of my internet PDL's however she stated they could not provide a debt validation that that would have to come from they internet companies. I have another account with them and I was told that these other 4 were sent back to ASI so I contacted ASI and sent them a debt validation letter today. Anyways Ms. Bradford stated that if I don't give her my bank information today in like an hour for a settlement that they are going to send a wage assignment to my employer by way of the sheriff. I'm confused as to what to do..can you please help me

Thank you

first of all if you see some words that appear to be mispelled, that is how i abbreviate them intentionally. It is habit from the job I work, write words as short as possible.

Now PDM is what I want to talk about. This company specializes in pdl's. Some of you might have heard of a company called AIS as well. Usually these pdl might bounce in between these two collection agencies. AIS will sell the pdls to PDM when they can't collect. PDM just have so much more affect on people because they make these bogus threats. They scare people into complying if they don't know their rights. "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER". They called me one day at work and that was the first contact ever with these people, never on hm or cell phn. The lady stated we're calling you to let you know we're getting ready to garnish your wages. didn't identify who she was with or adv coll agency call to coll debt and any info will be used for that purpose, but she called to threat and intimidate. they cannot threaten to do things that they are not legally able to do and they don't intend to do. The call of this threat was recorded because of where I work at. Guess what when I adv of this and that I am contacting a lawyer, this lady didn't call again. A diff person called and left mess on my hm phn, after a couple days I called back and he blatantly insulted the actions of the two prev people I spk with and said they had probably been fired. of course I don't beleive that. To make a long story short, I cut him up so bad on the phn (respectfully with knowledge he didn't know I had, no bad language or anything) that he had to get his sup on the phn and when I got done cutting her up, she got mad, she said what I'm going to do is close your file and send it back to the lender and let them take any necessary legal action against you. Ok what did you say, I thought you were forwarding this ltr to my employer by fax to garnish my wages. Dead give away, only time a employer will accept fax of garnishment will be from legal court attorney or official. If anyone's employer is so stupid to accept a fax of wage garnishment from a coll agency, you turn around and sue your employer (lol). I learned a thing or two regarding the wage assignment, I don't know if my loan had one or not but I didn't send ltr to my pdl lenders and adv I was revoking it and I also sent one to my employers to make them aware of this as well. they probably know that what they did was unethical, they even told me that the people who I spk with that were supposedly fired had come from their parent company and they had no idea of their work ethic. They even admitted to me that they got several complaints on the same people the same day I called. And then I explained I don't give a care of where they came from when I spk to them they where with you and they were PDM, so you are responsible for their actions. I'll let you guys know how my lawsuit with them goes. Good luck to all of you and hope this helps someone to develope the strength I have because of dealing with these people. We all run into financial trouble sometimes and those pdl's are highway robbery anyway. It's ridiculous what they do to people. If you borrow $300 pdl and end up paying $1200 back for the ln and you end up and default and want to send you to coll, it's not ethical in my book.

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Per prev post, I did send a ltr to the lender of the pdls revoking the wage assignment if any was there and to my employer

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