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date of first delinquency was 9/2003. Date major delinquency first reported was 3/2004. Date of last updated was was 12/2006
some one pleas explans what is "date of first delinquency"
and "Date major delinquency first reported " and what is "Date of last updated " and in FL that is a bad debt? what is statue of limations in FL

Date of First Delinquency (DOFD) - Is the date you missed your first payment and never brought the account current

Date First Delinquency reported - all data furnishers are required per the ammended FACT Act to provide the DOFD on any tradeline w/in 90 days of first reporting the tradeline

Date of Last Update would be the the last update by the CA, JDB, OC that reported the tradeline.

SOL in FL is 4 years on open accounts and 5 years on written accounts. Recent case law supports a 4 year SOL on Dept store credit cards:

portfolio recovery associates, LLC, Appellant, v_ PAUL FERNANDES, Appellee_ Circuit Court, 15th Judicial Circuit (Appellate) in and for Palm Beach County

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