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Holy cr@p I need some help!!! I have a judgement on my credit report from Palisades, and orginal debt is from AT&T. I do not disagree that I owe the money. I know that I do. Here is the problem. I have to pay off this judgement before my pending home loan is approved. I spent more then an hour on the phone yesterday trying to get to someone to pay this, but got no where. I was either led to voicemail boxes that were full, transffered and left on hold, or just straight hung up on.

Help!!! I don't know what to do! I am willing to fork over some serious cash, but no one will help me. Our home loan is dependant on me getting this paid and the judgement released.

Any help is appreciated!

Have you tried speaking directly to AT&T? You may be able to get the debt paid directly to them, get a receipt or a letter from them proving payment of the debt (make sure the include a statement in the letter that says the debt had been placed with Palisades for collection but that you paid it directly to AT&T), and take that to your loan officer to prove the debt is paid. It will take some time to get that debt off your credit report.

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