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hello, i have some outstnding loans as well as some credit cards.
boy did make such a mess of credit it's not even funny and the sad part is, i rack up debt trying to GET out of deb and pay a payment here and there now my credit is in the toilet..

my question is what is the best course of action to get these
paid off and out of my life along with the payday loans?
i don't make enought on my job after what i pay monthly for utilities and my loan with the credit union and gas and parking
and to get me through the week, thes is not a lot left over. everyone wants their money at the same time and i just can't do it. can anyone give me some advise on how to handle this.
thank you.


also, i am wondering why these credit card companies make it soo tempting eventhough they know you have poor credit and yet they still sign you on to me that's entrapment.???
issue a credit card knowing youhave poor credit and they know you can't afford to pay off or keep up on your payments
i know noone forced me to do this i could have said no but it's just the idea of someone taking advantage of me that way just to make money off of my situation.

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