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US Cash Advance harrassing me and coworkers

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Hi Everyone,

I am new here. I received 6 calls back to back yesterday from "Officer Roy" who refused to say what company he was with.

A few minutes later a coworker contacted me saying that an Officer Roy called him saying that I was named in a lawsuit and used him as a reference. They said the name of the company was FID in Florida. I have never met this coworker before either.

Soon, another coworker is contacted by the same guy. And the same thing was said.

They never called my extension back. Today, the person above my boss called me into a meeting because an executive received a voicemail from "Roy Martin" aka "Officer Roy" saying that I was named in a lawsuit and that he would be sued with me since he is named in there as well.

This is embarrassing and slanderous. I don't know what to do. The number that they left on the executive's voicemail is 888-296-4293 and when the manager called they said the company is US Cash Advance. I am in Illinois.

I called them back and told them not to call me at work. I gave them my attorney's name (a well known consumer attorney that sues payday lenders), they didn't take down the number. I told them that they broke the law by contacting third parties without my permission and that they need to contact me in writing.

PLEASE HELP! I don't want to be embarrassed and harrassed at this job anymore. I told my manager it was a scam so now they are sending out an email to EVERYONE to ignore the calls. But my name is still being slandered.

What can I do?

The first thing you have to realize is that you don't owe these people anything.

This is a scam based out of India. They hacked into some computers in the US and got all sorts of personal information about people and are now calling claiming to be police and making it sound like the cops are on their way to arrest you but you can avoid that by paying by credit card. Don't fall for it.

Tell your boss and co-workers about this - so that they know it is a scam and that they should (a) not believe anything these clowns tell them and (b) simply hang up on them.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop the calls because they are from India and the FDCPA doesn't apply in India.

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Flyingifr Flyingifr

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I received a call from 888-296-4293, or at least that is what I was told was the return call #. I hit *69 and was given the message the call could not be traced. I was told I was speaking with Nathan Davis and the call was regarding a legal matter. I told this "Nathan" that I was not able to receive personal phone calls at work...he then stated it was not personal. I asked for a number where I could call them back at and was given the above referenced 888#. I told this "Nathan" that I would have to call back but I wanted to know what it was in reference to. He said he would transfer me to his office because he was not able to give me any information. So he transferred me which seemed like he handed the phone off to someone else who was named Rachel Williams. "Rachel" told me that the call was in regards to a payday loan I had not paid from US Cash Advantage that was taken out in July 2008. I have no idea if I took this loan out or not so I asked for her to email or fax me some information. SHe said they already had and the only way I could obtain any documents was for them to send to my attorney and asked for my attorney's name. I told her I did not have one and I would check in to this matter. I have received calls like this before supposedly from other payday loan companies and been threatened many times. If I owe $ I will pay it but this harassment has to stop! The people I spoke with have an middle-eastern accent/dialect and would not provide me with enough information to check the validity of this. Based on past experience - I plan on disregarding this call UNLESS they can provide information in writing that I can verify from my end. It is ridiculous that people can harass hard working persons with scams like this.

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they are a scam in time this person calls.hang up and try to avoid talking to is a waste of time.again a scam in INDIA and do not talk to them as they can do nothing,and talking with them will only get you more calls.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Just wanted to update this for anyone getting similiar calls. The new "scam" number they are giving out is 1-888-785-4479. These are the same criminals as stated above. Do not give out any personal info, and I recommend signing up for Lifelock.

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The new number they are giving out is 940-580-2400. They are apparantly not using 800 numbers all the time anymore. Funny, when I told the guy that I knew this was a scam, he won't pick up anymore...hhhmmm..strange...nobody fall for this please!

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What are they doing that for?

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beenthere beenthere

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my story is similar to yours. they are also using the names Max Smith and Adam Ryan.

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They are using this number 940-580-2411 as I started getting phone calls yesterday and again this morning. The person that called me is using the name Adam Scott w/Cooper Law Firm in Gainsville TX.

I thought I was losing my mind when they started calling but after doing my research I am relieved to know that it's a horrible scam.

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Im getting calls from a 8772196032 number. I live in Oregon... So there is no way I would be getting a loan from Kentucky.

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I got a call from alex at coopers law firm. I called it back from the number i got on my voice mail. and he was like reading me my rights over the phone, very entertaining to say the least... so then after doing my research and speaking to my lawyer i called him back and told him he is breaking the law by continuing to call me, i did a reverse look up on the number 940-580-2411 and it shows its in Gainsville, TX . so like i told him i suggest he stops calling me as i have already notified my az attorney general and the FTC on this situation. then he continues to threaten me so i told him you know your stupid then he said i agree so i said wow nice you agree with me your stupid good to know. now stop calling me. your breaking the law stop calling me!!!!! then he said oh keep in mind i have your DL # and your SS# and i will ruin you..... i have all your street address and all contact info.... i said thats fine go ahead use it then you will get in trouble so i have notified all the authorities and have a freeze on my credit and everything else... then i told him your breaking the law and he continues to laugh at me and i tell him you know after doing a trace on everything i see it says that your in texas and well i dont believe this i think your over seas as he spoke broken english then he said so therefor he wasnt breaking any laws as he was not in the untied states. then i said ok just stop calling me then my phone starts ringing off the hook one voice mail saying your a stupid Fuc*ing B*tch. then after looking through my call log i had 15 missed called he said he is going to call me 24 times a day and at night.
upon further investigation the amount that they say i owe is 60 times the original amount these guys are seriously crazy.... so like i told him as he kept acting rude that hey i already opened my fortune cookie this week and it says im going to have good luck so needless to say im leaning more towards that.

So i told him that a real law office does not talk to people like this, so what does he think im an idiot????
so i reconfirmed that in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WE HAVE LAWS !!!!!!!!!! Then i said you know what this is my country i know my rights and i know the laws then he said F your country.....

If they call you, do not give them any of your information. do not confirm your information with them.
if they have " court documents" (which they do not) then what ever mail out jerks....
This is a simple scare tactic and guess what im not scared!!!! go ahead use my SS# use my Drivers license number try and "ruin me" I dare you!!!!! well see whos laughing at the end .......

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