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I recently sent a DV letter to Norman Kalina/ ACA recovery and got receipt that it was received ( I sent it certified). Well I have not received any information on the debt as I requested in writing, but they continue to harass me by phone and when I tell them I know they have recieve my letter because it was signed by your company there response is yes and we already sent you the information that you requested. This is a lie because I have not received anything. What do you think I should do next? I tired of these people harrasing about money that they will not verify that I owe.

Use the search box here and see the many posts about them. If they are continuing to call you without validating the debt ,they are breaking violations.

Keep notes of the days, times, and what was said everytime they call,in case you need it later.

What I did with one of mine was, when they didn't respond, I sent them a follow-up DV letter along with a copy of the first one stating I have not received the info asked for. I also put in my follow-up letter that they were continuing to call me and trying to collect without validating.You want everything in writing as to what they say and do, it can come in handy later!

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