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If an account gets assigned to a collection agency

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Here is my situation:

I had an account with AT&T for my landline phone. Well, I had them shut it off because I rarely use my home phone. I always use my cell phone which is not through them. I'm gonna call them and see if I can set up some type of payment arrangements so they won't send this account to a collection agency. My bill is $351. I've made online payments before to AT&T with my checking account. Well, my question is, if they do decide to send my account to a collection agency, will they also send my banking info, because I definitely don't want a CA debiting my checking account anytime they want to.

They should not release your banking info to any 3rd party. AT&T are inept when it comes to their billing department but they will not do something stupid like releasing a customers bank info. Contact AT&T, inform them when you will make your payments and how much and stick to it. $351 is not a huge sum so I would do your best to get it paid off w/in 90 days.

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