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Can a creditor freeze my bank account in FL to collect there money?

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Hello, I have a few questions I'm hoping someone can help me with. I've heard from family/ friends that a creditor/ collection agency can freeze your bank account for money owed. I personally know someone it happened to in Pennsylvania ( i'm in Florida).Typically how does it work? I have some debt that I owe to 1 credit card company for around $4,000 (3 different cards, same company) and I had a repossession for $9,000. I also have medical bills in collection. I had some financial troubles to say the least about 18 months ago. I haven't made any payments on the accounts and they are in collections. I do have Lexington Law Firm and they have done great with getting 23 items removed from my credit reports so far.
I now have a business (LLC) bank account in my name and also a personal bank account in my name. Is there any precautions I should take? Not keep money in them? Any help/ answers are much appreciated and thank you in advance.

A credit can levy your bank account only after winning judgment from the court. He has to file a lawsuit against you, win the case, and convince the judge to issue judgment against you.

Try to settle your debts asap. This is the best precaution you can take.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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What is your income status now?

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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creditor/ collection agency can freeze your account If they can win the judgment. I would suggest you must try for a out of court settlement

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Barbara Delinsky Barbara Delinsky

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If you owe BOA for example on a credit card and you defaulted on that card and you have a bank account with BOA they have a right to offset after a certain time frame and they will. Any creditor must have a judgment awarded by the courts to levy or garnish any bank account to the best of my knowledge (I am not an attorney). As a debt negotiator you could settle for as little as a fraction of what is owed if you have the ability to do so.

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Chimpy Chimpy

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