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Why not fight the Debt lawyers in ocurt?

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I want to fight the lawyer that is about to sue for for a charges off Advanta account. Its still under SOL.

Im going to file a graduated denial. but I want to fight this. They wont send me the account numbers, or any information regarding my account. IM not going to just pay this firm that generated my name,ss and some arbitrary amount from a spreadsheet somewhere.

I want o file Discovery is this possible? I wan this firm to prove that the money I owe is mine and I want some proof of the mounting interest that has been added to the balance. Initial they Send me two different 30 day notices with different amounts for the same debt..they vary by 6k.

When I go to court , isn't it my right to ask the judge for a trial date? They aren't going to make a decision right there and then are they? The more I get involved , get my attorney involved and make this company produce past records(which they cant) the better it is for me, and they wont be able to prove the debt is legit.

Am I missing something. Why not fight them...... They dont even have any of the original paperwork,statements or any NF to back up there debt claim.

Check my signature link for a list of resources including a WEX legal dictionary. You can also check your local legal library if you intend to do this pro se. However I would suggest seeking legal council unless you are versed in judicial proceedings.

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