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Can I get sued if the SOL period will get over in Pelham within a year?

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I have received notice from a collection agency in Pelham, Alabama. This is the 4th time I'm getting a notice on a debt of around $16,458. I have been contacted by 3 other collection agencies in the past. I have asked them to validate debt in writing. All I have received till now is name of the original creditor and the date when the account was sold. Nothing else. The debt is likely to fall from the credit report within the next 1 year. What step should I take now? Should I pay off this “alleged” debt? Should I ignore their calls in the next 1 year? Is there any chance that a lawsuit will be filed against me within the next 1 year? How can I avoid getting sued within this time?

If it was a credit card debt, the SOL is definately up. If it is any other type of debt, the SOL is 6 years. This would be based on the date of first deliquency. If it is definately out of SOL, simply send the a cease and desist letter. It is possible you will still be dunned by other CA's...legally you still owe the debt, however they can no longer sue you.

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