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Question:I have read a couple of complaints about allied interstate and they have just started to call me also. They call constantly over a debt of 45 dlls. Every time I try to settle with them through mail they refuse to bill me through mail instead want to obtain my bank account information. This I found quite suspicious. Just this morning at 8 am they called again and the guy was rude! He even said that if I didn't pay this amount it will mess up my credit index! I told him my situation that I didn't have a job at the moment but that if they billed via mail I will be glad to give payments at my ability he again refused to do it via mail.
Now i'm an 18 that just started college. I lost my job and have many othe things to pay. However, this situation does frighten me for I do not know anything about credit.can this really affect me? And how do I get those people to stop calling me! Someone please help!

A $45 debt! just ignore it if you can't pay it. It may show up on your credit but it's no big deal. When they call just hang-up on them. You're under no obligation to speak with them. For $45 they'll stop calling soon. It's not worth anyone's time to pursue this.

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I would pay it asp. You are in college and might need a private student loan and any current collection items will pull your score down and cost you in interest.

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