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I recently enrolled in a debt management Plan with Money Management International. One account, AMEX - Gold is not eligible for the plan and is currently in 3rd Party Collection with allied interstate for 21k. AMEX will not even talk to me about the account. I am terrified of dealing with Allied after reading all the negative feedback regarding them, and the way I was treated on the phone by them yesterday. Should I insist on attempting to get a payment plan through AMEX or try and work something out with Allied. I can fit a payment plan in my budget that will pay off this debt in 4yrs but cannot possibly do more than that due to my other obligations with my Debt Management Plan that accounts for my remaining debt.

Frreaking out about this. Need some help./advice


Welcome to the forum Madawg, I would suggest first sending allied interstate a written notice to only contact you in writing (send it certified mail, return receipt requested) Any agreements you may come to with them you should get in writing.

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Will requesting that all communication be in writing just incite them that much more or cause them to proceed with suing? I'm not very good about dealing with these people over the phone.

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Different CA's and JDB's take the "limited C&D" differently. Some will consider it a full cease comm, others will ignore it entirely. I removed it from my DV's and simply state that calls to my employer place my job in jeopardy and at the bottom "ALL CALLS TO MY HOME ARE RECORDED".

Are you in a position (W/in SOL) where your creditor can legally sue you? More details please.

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