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Reminds me of and THAT site is gone now.

I was looking around this site and found this on the FAQ:

I do not want my name posted on here and I don't think it's fair to post against customers.

It is very fair. Customers need to be held to the same standard as businesses have been held to all of these years. You as the customer can rate businesses and give feedback about them via 100 networks on the web. Also remember, this is ultimately between you and the business owner.

Very fair hmm? I think not. I think that consumers who end up getting put on this list have grounds to sue for defamation of character, Libel, whatever.

They actually send out 'payup' letters to people....I would LOVE to get one of these payup letters from this outfit because then I would slap THEM with a DV letter, they are basically acting as a debt collector if they send any sort of letter telling a consumer to pay.

This site is apparently features in entrepreneur magazine, Business Week.

Further, I looked on information on their "beware letter" :

The "BEWARE letter" (yes, it's that scary)
How did the letter come about?

After starting Business Beware we noticed that more than half of the complaints people were filing were about a customer not paying them for work they completed. So immediately we wanted to help so we came up with the "beware letter" concept. It's simple but it works and after testing it with our own businesses and 95% of them sent in their checks we knew it was something we needed to offer.

Why would a customer respond to the letter?

Well think of it this way, would you want to be placed on a website for others to know that you have a long running list of people you don't pay? Maybe you would who knows but most don't so they contact the business and say "hey, here's your money I owe you from a few months ago..."


Now that just screams of blackmail..."pay up or else we will publish your name for all to see"

This place needs to be taken down HARD.

WOW oh WOW....heh


they even included a contract that some customer handed THEM and they are bitching about it....I dunno, I read through the contract and it seems very precise and organized to me. It simply spells out every aspect of how the customer wants the fence to be installed and while yes, it is very specific, it leaves no room for error.

Is it just me, but calling customers custoMONSTERS is just rude and disrespectful, especially if they are simply wanting to make sure the work they will be paying for is done correctly!

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goldenbast goldenbast
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You are not reading the site correctly golden. The original creditor is the one sending all the letters....the site does not function as a debt collector. The site is just giving the format and the letter structure for the business over to send. FDCPA would not apply so a DV would be a waste of time.

You know what?? I am a small business owner and some customers ARE customonsters. Total btiches and bastards. Customers can be rude and disrepectful and so often want something for nothing. And you know what?? As long as it doesnt damage MY pocket, I tell them to have a good day and tell then to move on.l You just dont let them know what you are thinking.
In the soapmaking world, there are customers and wholesales who will email requests (sometimes DEMANDS) for free samples. Others will order stuff and will want to return it because the color did not match their bathroom towels or dont like th smell. These habitual bitchers will go from one soapmaker to another....we do have a site to list out the names of these customers and their behavior. Libel or slander?? Hell no way....the truth is being told, often with email documentation to back up the story.

I live in a resort town and the snow birds are coming back. I swear some of the rudest people in the world live here in the winter time....the worst are the ones from the east coast and Quebec. "No mam...I will not wipe your ass".....

Dont get me wrong...the majority of my customers are wonderful! However a day doesnt go by where a demanding customer willl try to bring you down...or rip you off.

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Hmm. Ok I can see your point. I have worked in retail and did have some crazy ass people. It seemed to me like the site was sending the letters, but yeah, if it is the OC doing it then DV goes out the window.

You make soaps? That is wonderful! I love exotically scented soaps.

On one hand I can see where people would want a sample to see if they like the color and/or scent (I laughed at the not matching the bath-towels comment), off topic I know but did you consider doing like small little balls and offer them free (pay ship/handling) or small amount of shreds, or a packet of mini-soaps for a cheaper price so people can judge what they like the best? I could see that as fostering great customer service and would leave NO ROOM for returns based on those asinine excuses. LOL. Just MHO . :)

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goldenbast goldenbast
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