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Arrow Financial- trying to garnish wages

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So I had a debt with WaMu credit card for 2007 that they refused to make payment arrangements beyond my monthly bill that I couldn't afford at the time they sold the bad debt to Arrow Financial who didn't once contact me by phone or mail to offer payment arrangements but the. Filed a court summons against me in 2010. And the sheriff signed off in the court file that I was served but for the life of me I don't recall ever being personally served. No lawyer for Arrow nor Arrow has contacted me since 2007. Now December 2013 I have a court Date to appear for wage garnishments. I am head of household (only wage earner)with 2 children with medical/special needs and a preschooler - I can't afford any wage garnishments as I am barely providing for my family now. Is there anything I should do before the hearing to help my case. Had they offered payment arrangements in the first place this would have never happened and both businesses are out of buisnrss for these wrongful practices. Do current credit card reforms protect me as far as the case is concerned? I hope someone posts soon 12/24/13 is my hearing

Check out the SOL period in your state first. When did you make the last payment on the debt? Also, check out the wage garnishment laws in your state.

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Did you inform the court that you didn’t get served properly? If not, then do it immediately. Otherwise you can’t do anything in this regard, they will garnish your wages.

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