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Hi guys,

I came across this site while trying to find out more about Asset Acceptance.

I sent AA a DV letter in connection with a dunning letter I received from them re a disputed Bally's invoice/debt.

Their response to my request for 'documentation of the debt' was - 'Please be advised that this account is closed and is no longer handled by this office. Our records show that this account is not currently being reported to the credit bureaus', beneath three lines which merely referred to Bally, their client acct # and AA's acct #.

This sure doesn't seem to be any sort of debt validation.

Are they saying that they don't manage this account even though they have sent me 2 letters so far?

I would appreciate some feedback from some of the more knowledgeable folks in here about what my next step should be, and what I should be on the lookout for, given how devious they can be.


Sounds like they folded to your DV and likely either returned it to Bally's or sold it to another junk debt buyer. Keep monitoring your reports and see if another CA pulls an inquiry. If you recieve a dunning letter from another CA, rinse and repeat.

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