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Can debt consolidation in Chicago stop collection agency harassment?

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Can Debt Consolidation Chicago help? I am desperately looking to get this off my credit history, I came to know of this account 8 months back. I somehow missed the bill and didn't pay it. Now, I am getting calls from collection agency for 240 dollar from Bonded Collection Corporation (

1)Can I pay them and it goes away from my credit history on phone using my checking account/credit card, Is it safe to do so ?

2)I asked them to mail me a statement and they are not ready to do so. How reliable are they ?

Is there an alternate way to conform this account besides 1-800-365-0292 (HSBC), It's an automated number and when I look up with my account number, it shows nothing as balance. Please help.

I would send them a written debt validation letter before you send them any $. You want to make sure that they own this debt. If you do a search you should be able to find a sample debt validation letter. Let us know if you need to help, someone will come along and help you. That is why we are all here to help each other.



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ladybug ladybug

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Hi slayeeg

For the sample letters you can browse through

I hope it was useful
Take care

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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I have read in this forum that debt consolidation in Chicago can help me tackle collection agencies. Can it also help me to better credit history? Any idea?

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Debt consolidation has positive effect on credit score. As you payoff your debts through the program, your debts get payed and your credit score starts improving. So, go for a good debt consolidation company in Chicago to improve your credit score.

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You may browse through the best companies chart to find the best debt consolidation Chicago company.

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what do i have to do to get rid of medical bills, and credit card debt? what are my options?

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