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A got a judgement against me in court yesterday for $1900. I am in Texas a know that they can not garnish my wages. My question is if I take out everything but $25.00 from my checking account, and move my direct deposit wage check, can they find out where I have move it to so they can freeze my account? If they do not have the info on where I sent money to, will they be able to find it?My wages are the only money I have coming in to live on and I have so many medical bills that If they freeze my account , I will not be able to have enough to get needed medications.

Yes, they can find out if you direct deposit check to another bank. What was the judgement for? I had one about 10 years ago for a student loan which was being paid on at the time(still not sure why they got a judgement) but I was young, and they continued to except payment until it was paid off.
I just took someone to court for unpaid rental income, got a judgement against her, but it is still up to me to collect the funds, I can't garnish wages, so all she ends up with is an unsatisfied judgement on her account..

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If you live in Texas and your debt was originated in Texas, than your exempt from wage garnishement. Period! It doesn't matter where you bank.

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I don't think the OP is worried about wage garnishment. The OP is trying to avoid getting his bank account and assets frozen. Personally I would stop direct deposit and request a paper check. At that point I would just cash it somewhere and live on a cash in hand budget. The ideal setup is you open an account with a minimum balance at the same bank that the money is drawn from. At that point they will generally cash the check as long as funds are in the account that you are drawing on. They will be able to find any account you open if the bank reports to the CRA or to check systems I think. If you can find an account that doesn't deal with either one of those then you might be able to use it without the CA finding that account.

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Work with the judgement creditor to get this taken care as quickly as possible since it will no accrue interest at 8%. Did you not show up in court to contest this?

Here is a list of exemptions for TX

Also, I found this link to a very good paper on Post Judgement Remedies in TX. It was very informative and a bit scary. Download the MS Word Document

http://www.dbrownlaw.c om/postjudgment.html

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The judgement was for old credit card debt. How do they find out if I direct deposit to another bank?. I was going to leave my old checking account open with a minimum amount in it and open another one at another bank just for direct deposit wages ( the company I work for will not issue a paper check) . Instead of paper checks they will now deposit in a bank locally and issue a bank card (debit).We have no choice in the matter. If the ca does freeze my old account , will they withdraw money or am I just locked out of it? If I disclose the old bank account number in discovery will that be enough? :?:

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