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How do you go about getting out of debt?

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I am just recently coming off of breast cancer treatments. I am so far behind on all of my bills. I get calls constantly from debt collectors during the day. I am trying to make payments to everyone as I can but, as you might suspect, some collectors are very aggressive. I also have two payday loans left I am trying to get paid off. I know taking these out was stupid but I was so far behind at one time, I had no choice.

I am feeling rather overwhelmed by all of this. How do I even go about getting out of all of this and paying all of these people? Everytime I think I have it under control, I get a call from a new debt collector. I try diligently to give a little to everyone but it is hard to even keep track of who I owe anymore.

I would appreciate any help.


I am sorry to hear about your hardship. I know it can be very overwhelming with the annoying collection calls and threats. Hang in there and lets see what we can do to try and help you. How much delinquent debt are we talking about ? Also what state do you live in ? Are those payday loans local or internet ?

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I would say the delinquent debt is maybe around $7,000. That does not count medical bills that are current. The payday loans are here locally but one is Ace Cash Express and one is Check Smart. Neither one of them will work with you. Believe me, I have tried.

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Sorry ... I hit the send button before I put what state I am in. I am in Missouri.

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I would first and foremost work on paying off the pay day loans . After you take care of the payday loans you can focus on doing debt settlement on the collection agency's . You can always settlement them your self or hire a company to settle them for you. Be sure that if you do decide to hire a company to check them out with the BBB to make sure they have a solid track record.

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It won't make the debt go away, but you can get the collectors to stop calling by requesting it in writing. Legally, they can't continue to call once you request it.

Get their contact information if you don't have it already and send them a registered letter so you can prove that it was sent and received. They are not supposed to call you after receiving it.

You'll still have to come up with a plan for repaying the debts, but this may help ease the stress a bit so you can focus on how you're going to do it.

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