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Best Buy/Sherman Finanicals/Capital Management

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I am currently giong through my credit report and trying to clean it up. I fell upon best buy and it looks like i owe them bout 1700. I called them and they gave me a number to Shermam Finanacials. The lady answer the phone and gave me another number to Capital Management.

Have anyone ever dealt with them? I want to make this right and get a settlement out of them. He was willing to offer me a one time payment of 601; however, i have to give him post dated check right then and there. I told him i want it in writing. He went on by saying if he sends it out by mail, the rate will go up to $1200 for settlement. I was like well just send me a statment because need to have a paper trail. I don't want to play games. He put me on hold and put his supervisor on the line.

SHe went on saying that they can't mail it out to me because they might not have "ownership" of my account comes the end of the week! She went on sayin "oh i will have the auditors and attorney" review you account.

I think she was trying to scare me at this point. She was basically done talking to me at that point.

The last time i made a payment on this accountwas back in 2004. Did i open up a can of worms? I mean i just want to take care of this.

advice on next my move?


What state do you live in? Could be the SOL has expired. Don't send them a post dated check, they will clean your account out. Instead send them a DV letter.

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