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Has anyone heard of Brown Myers and Associates. I

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Has anyone heard of Brown Myers and Associates. I got a call from them stating that there's pending violations against me. Is this company legit? They left a phone number of 855-204-7726 with the name of Jacqueline Hoffman.

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Brown Meyers & Associates is a collection agency based in New York. They are not a BBB accredited business, They have received C rating from BBB on a scale from A+ to F. Only 1 complaint has been registered against the company in BBB. Next time they call you, ask them what kind of pending violations are they talking about? If they are referring to any debt, then send a written notice to them to send you a debt validation letter.

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They threatened my ex in-laws that I would be charged with a Class E felony over some debt that I know nothing about. I am meeting with an attorney this week to sue them .

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Well, you can make a written request to them to send a debt validation letter to you. If they are unable to send a proper debt validation letter, then send a Cease and Desist letter via certified mail with return receipt request to them.

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I work for a law group backed by an attorney and I do debt management. I've had the misfortune of speaking to B, M & assoc. If they are harrassing you, GET AN ATTORNEY.

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Don't bother with your local AG. Instead, call or write the New York Attorney General Buffalo Regional Office; Consumer Frauds. 716-853-8404. Your state has little power in New York and will struggle to effect an outcome. Your best bet is to go local. It's the local AG that gets collection agencies shut down and/or sued.

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