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Anyone heard of these guys? They are representing CACH, sending me a letter of collection.

[quote]?? 53 166. Scope of Article; evasions; penalties; loans in violation of Article void.
(a) Scope. ??? No person shall engage in the business of lending in amounts of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or less and contract for, exact, or receive, directly or indirectly, on or in connection with any such loan, any charges whether for interest, compensation, consideration, or expense, or any other purpose whatsoever, which in the aggregate are greater than permitted by Chapter 24, except as provided in and authorized by this Article, and without first having obtained a license from the Commissioner. The word "lending" as used in this section, shall include, but shall not be limited to, endorsing or otherwise securing loans or contracts for the repayment of loans.
[/quote] 0175-F02E-4FC4-A517-A7025C2B9E02/0/Notice_AdvanceAmerica.pdf

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dcashwell3 dcashwell3

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Well, that certainly is some news, Texas! As far as my states' Attorney General's office and Business and Professional Regulation Department, Payday loans are referred to as Money transmitters and Deferred presentment Providers, this email came directly from them:

The focus of our office is publishing the Florida Statutes. We cannot
give opinions as to how the statutes apply to specific facts or give
legal advice.

In Florida Statutes, payday loans are referred to as 'deferred
presentment'. Below is a list of statute sections that pertain to this
subject. See especially the sub-heading 'Deferred presentment' in this

Agent for service of process, 560.306
Authorized vendors, 560.306, 560.307, 560.308, 560.310
Check Cashing and Foreign Currency Exchange Act, 560.301
Deferred presentments
credit counseling, 560.404
Database information, confidentiality, 560.4041
Declaration of intent, 560.403
Deferred Presentment Act, 560.401
Definitions, 560.402
Fees, 560.403, 560.404
Grace period, 560.404
Insufficient funds at time of redemption, 560.404
Legislative intent, 560.408
Notice to drawers, 560.404
Payment of proceeds to drawer, 560.404
Recordkeeping requirements, 560.407
Redemption of check by drawer, 560.405
Registration of providers, 560.403
Restrictions, 560.403, 560.404, 560.405
Transaction agreements, 560.404
Unlawful acts; penalties, 560.111, 560.403
Worthless checks, remedies of deferred presentment
provider, 560.406
Definitions, 560.103, 560.302, 560.309
Exemptions from statutory provisions, 560.304
False or misleading financial statements or supporting
documents, filing, 560.1073
Fees, 560.303, 560.307, 560.308, 560.309
Fingerprints, 560.306
Foreign currency exchanges, See FOREIGN CURRENCY EXCHANGES
AND FUNDS TRANSMISSION subtitle Payment instrument issuers or sellers
and funds transmitters
Investigations, 560.306
Locations, 560.305, 560.306, 560.307, 560.308, 560.310
Money laundering provisions, applicability, 560.309
Money transmitter-affiliated parties, 560.305, 560.306
Money transmitters, See MONEY TRANSMITTERS
Notices, 560.309, 560.310
Payment instrument issuers or sellers, See PAYMENT INSTRUMENTS
Payment instruments deposited with financial institutions,
endorsement with name of registrant, 560.309
Principal office, 560.305, 560.306
Records, 560.310
Registration, 560.303, 560.305, 560.306, 560.307, 560.308,
Unlawful acts; penalties, 560.1073, 560.306, 560.308, 560.310

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erzeke1 erzeke1

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They say i owe them one thing but credit report say half what i owe them

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I signed an agreement, gave them almost half of the amount owed and agreed to pay in 4 installments starting April 1, 2007. I got a letter today saying that they intend to take my money starting March 1, 2007 - completely disregarding the agreement. That's scum in my book.

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I've enrolled in a debt consolidation program to do my
best to take care of this debt. Evidentally that's not
good enough they don't deal with debt relief programs.
I keep doing the same thing and make my payments to the program that I'm enrolled in so they can just deal
with that. Don't let these people stress you out.

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I need advice on what to do next. My Debt with BM was 2,300, I was paying then per my bank account 296.00 for 2 months when they did a double payment out of my account which caused my account to go into the negative. I was quite upset. The bank could not reverse the fees because I allowed them acces to my account. I called them to make them aware of their mistake, first they would not take responsiblitiy saying because I owed that this would be one less payment due to them. They finally accepted resposiblity, I demanded the refund of the 296 plus the charged bank fees. This request was supposedly sent to their accounting part, (by the way, I couldn't speak to anyone in this part of the office, acounting only talks to internal personal). I got no resovle until a month later (I put a stop payment on the remainder of my payments) I got a letter about the stop payment and they want payment in full. Then by golly I got a check for the fund they took. They want to set of another payment plan with I did agree to, but I don't trust them with my banking info. I still owe then 1200. What leg do I have to stand on these are nasty people and I want to make this go away how? I just got a phone call saying their going to sue me and garnish my wages if I don't pay. How do I find out how much they bought my account for and the orginal balance of the account. Do I have to pay them, will they sue me. I live in Va their in NY can they do this by law

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I absolutely would not provide them with access to my bank account again - I do not believe in providing anyone access to my bank account. If you owe the money to them, then yes, you do need to pay them, but I would get money orders and mail them on the monthly due date until the account is paid in full. Send a letter with the first payment confirming the payment plan - and it wouldn't hurt to explain that because they abused their access to your bank account before, you have been forced to pay them in this method. Then also send a letter with the last payment indicating that the last payment is included and that the account is now paid in full.

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Here to Help Here to Help

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Can they sue me if I live in Clarksville, TN. And has anyone heard of Michelle Youngblood?

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If your going to get advoice or listen to people complain about there debt online than get a life, or go run up some more credit cards! I work for bronson and Migliaccio and no matter what there is going to be crap about collections or law offices online!! Do you know why? Because you owe debt so your pissed off at the world and go run your mouth! Why dont you pay back the freaking money you owe and shut your mouth!


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