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Anyone heard of these guys? They are representing CACH, sending me a letter of collection.

Wow, these guys have lawsuits against them everywhere. Google search comes up with tons of hits on them. Junk debt buyers, apparently their letters make it look like a lawyer has reviewed individual cases, when in fact, they send collection letters out in mass quantities.

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Read this:



Hope this helps. :wink:

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dcashwell3 dcashwell3

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Apparently these guys work for Collect America (a Franchise of them), and there are lots of them:

Law Office of Sam W. Streeter, Houston, TX
Richard G. & Catherine A. Neuheisel Law Firm, Tempe, AZ
Neuheisel Law Firm, Deborah Sue Harvego, Sacramento, CA
Law Office of Thomas K. Bamford, Dallas, TX
Harold E. Scherr, Attorney at Law, Longwood, FL
Bronson and Migliaccio Attorneys, Williamsville, NY
Bronson and Migliaccio Attorneys, Elmwood Park, NJ
Phillips and Cohen and Associates, Westampton, NJ
Law Office of Larry Roach, Copley Twp, OH
Phillip Scott Lowery P.C., Denver, CO
Law Office of Brian K. Levy, Phoenix, AZ
Law Office of J. Anthony Cambece, Boston, MA
Workman Law Office, P.A., Jacksonville, FL
Collect America, LTD, Denver, CO
Gamache and Myers, St Louis, MO
P. Scott Lowery, P.C., Tulsa, OK
Law Office of Wilfred E. Briesemeister, Montclair, CA
Harrison Ross Byck, Morrisville, PA
Daniels & Norelli, P.C., Westbury, NY
Davis Law Office, Russell A. Davis, Solana Beach, CA
Richard DeJana & Associates, Kalispell, MT
Dennis Michael Dendy Law Office, Gretna, LA (Houston TX)
John P. Frye, P.C., Roanoke, VA
Daniel N. Gordon, P.C., Eugene, OR
Mims, Jerry M., Attorney, Islip Terrace, N
Pentagroup Financial, LLC, James J. Thorpe, Attorney, Houston, TX

I have already recieved a letter from three of the above named on the same account. Each time I send a validation letter, it goes to another on the list. Is that even legal since they are all affiliated? Seems like they would not be allowed to send anything else, no matter which attorney they are.

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What did Bronson & Migliaccio mention in the letter? Has your account been validated in it? The following information must be put in writing as per the debt validation rule.< /div>

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I haven't sent these guys a validation letter, sent one to Workman Law office, Phillip Scott Lowery, and Daniels and Norelli I believe. They are all affiliated, so that is why I think it is unfair that they can just pass it around to each other without validating.

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Ok so now i'm really confused!! These are the very SAME people that served me with a citation and told me over the phone that they have sued me! I recently sent them a letter of settlement and they have just called me back, (didn't answer) then came on here and wow here's the very name! It's on the list Dendy in New Olreans, or so i thought. SO now what do i do? Continue on trying to settle this debt with them?? I'm really confused now!
Thanks for any help!

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Also they keep calling my brother. How can i get them to stop calling him???
Again thanks in advance

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Angie, you need to make sure if this company really has your debt. If they have, it must be with accurate details. To get the details of your accounts, send a debt validation letter to their mailing address. This forces them by law to present the legitimate information about your debt account. If they are unable to give this info, it can prove their unauthorized collections. You will have a legal stand in the court if it reaches that far. Send your letter through certified mail/return receipt requested.

Ask your brother to send a cease and desist letter and stop the CA from contacting further. Read this law about stopping the collectors from making further contacts.


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IncredibleHelp IncredibleHelp

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Ok so if i understand this right, even though i have already sent a letter of settlement to them i can still come back now and send validation? Is this to validate the amount owed? Because i recall owing at the most $4,000 and now they're saying it's $9,400 and he told me could go as high as $15,000. I offered to settle this debt with them for $5,500. They must have just gotten my letter cause they've called a million times today but i haven't answered yet. I'm a little confused as where to turn next. Thank all of you for ur help!

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Collectors are required to send the debt validation letter first time when they begin their collections. They might have sent you something in writing at the beginning after which you proposed them settlement.

Now, as per their terms, the debt has already been validated. You can request the same info by disputing the item in a debt verification letter. This is to make sure if the company really has your file. If they don't have your details and get the money from you, it will go to their pocket. Later, some other company having the legitimate details will contact you for the same debt and you might be forced to pay them. So, send a debt verification letter requesting for the info you need before paying them.

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IncredibleHelp IncredibleHelp

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