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how to deal with CA's calling for an employee

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Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but I don;t know where else to ask. My brother-in-law works for us, and well, he has and still does make some poor choices regarding money issues. He ignored a summons (yes I told him not to and offered to help him with info since I found this site) but he shrugged it off & said "eh let them garnish - whatever I don;t care" not the best attitude - ok - so I know they got a judgement, cause he asked me to look up the court docket for him (he has no internet) it said that they are checking assets. My question is this, if they start calling me as his employer, does anyone know how much info I am required or not required to give them? I imagine they would send me a court order for garnishment, as I have one on file for his child support - I just want to handle it the right way, and really I couldn't find anything re this issue on the business sites. Any thoughts or ideas would be great. Thanks and again sorry it is a business/family sort of question.

I would handle the situation that same way you handle the child support file. More than likely, it will be someone from the court system who will be checking his assets. They will probably send you some type of form for you to fill out. You may be asked about his wages and how often he is paid. Most of the information can be verify by the unemployment security commission of your state.

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