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Hey everyone!To all here that know me, you know that for well over the past year and half, I have been going around and around with wells fargo and also different collection agencys representing wells fargo. I continue to keep getting jerked around. The last update that I posted here, I was telling you how my debt consolidation group sent wells fargo a payment and proposal--they turned our proposal down stating that there was no such account or account number. BUT THEY KEPT THE PAYMENT!!!!!!!!!!!! (which made me extremely upset--because if theres NO SUCH account or account number, then what did they apply my payment to???)
okay, in the meantime, I get a letter from a collection agency by the name of Nelson, Watson & associates, LLC. dated July 11, 2006. They give me the usual 30 day to dispute, which believe me--I DID!! (I wanted to know where two payments were that wells fargo was suppose to be investigating--that were never applied to my account--and i have proof of payments-and also why did this collection agency tack on $500 more on the balance from what wells fargo said the balance was????!!!)
okay--so I dispute on July 25, 2006, I get a letter back from them dated August 1, 2006 stating that they were 'ceasing communication efforts until verification of 'said' debt was obtained;. okay cool. They got my dispute and were 'working' on it.

WELL TODAY----I get a letter from yet ANOTHER collection agency. "Nathan & Nathan, P.C."
(anyone heard of these people????? are they lawyers or a collection agency???? please send me any info on them that you may know)
They said they are representing North Star capital acquisitions LLC, assignee of wells fargo financial. what is this, a collection agency representing a collection agency representing original creditor???
They state that they are a law office, and if no payment arrangements can be made, then further collection efforts will be continued.
Then they go on to give me 30 days to dispute.
what happened to nelso, watson & associates?? guess they couldn't obtain the verification? weird, I know they can get it because wells fargo has sent it directly to me before.

okay, now what?? do I sit down, and write a long letter about EVERYTHING I have went through, all the way from day one, with trying to work with wells fargo? from the two payments that have never been posted to the two inch stack of paperwork that I have sent to wells fargo/collection agnecies on this account?

I have tried to make payment arrangements and also everytime I send money to collection agnecy, it either doesn't get posted, or they send me back to wells fargo. when I write wells fargo/send them a payment, they send me straight out to another collection agency. so its like a dog chasing his tail with these people. They won't answer my letters. I have sat and wrote letters explaining all of this to wells fargo. I got one response back, telling me to contact their in house collection department to work out a payment plan....I did...he ignored me and sent me right back out to collection agency.

I am pulling my hair out now!!
thanks for any input. I feel like the best thing to do would be to write these people and tell them 'the story' and DISPUTE, asking for proof of what they say I owe, since I need to find out if they have posted those two payments....but no one has listened so far, not even wells fargo. so feels like its a waste of time. They are showing a different amount being owed than what the last collection agency showed.

thanks, shirley

and just for info--Nathan & Nathan are a lawfirm...I just looked them up on the internet. so what now? do I still take them up on their 30 day dispute offer and explain that I want to know why the balance is more now and also about the two payments that weren't applied? I guess trying to explain 'everything' I've been through from day one---is neither here nor there?? I guess I wanted to show that I have been TRYING on my part but can't get ANYONE to listen to or work with me. shirley

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imkimssister imkimssister

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Dang girl, they are putting you through hell. If they keep going the sol will be up. You have done everything you can do to resolve this matter. It sounds to me like it is getting shifted. When they receive the validation request and the collection agency tries to get validation, I think WF can't validate it so they go to another agency. Keep pn fighting these jerk offs. I know what you are going through with Wells Fargo. Our home is financed through them.

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Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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Shirley, while reading your post, I was using my entire curse against the collection agencies and their way of doing business. I wonder if there is any businesses left that do business in the fair and legal terms. Dealing from one collection agency to another is a painful story, especially after sending some money earlier towards the account that is still a mystery. Wells fargo could have been expected to be a bit courteous towards your situation. They are devils!!

Now, if I were in your shoes, I will never send money to any company until they come with a genuine purpose and complete details of the debt. If they push legal actions against you, you must be having abundant proof to contest their legal claim. (the judge will also scratch his head after hearing this disputed case)

Do anything that sounds right to you. You are informed about the laws. You must have a reason of your actions and sufficient proof to prove your part later.

Did you check if these crooks are entering negative info in your credit report? That certainly will be fraudulent until they give you the right information about your debt.

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Gretchin Gretchin

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Hey Shirley, did you check to see if they are licensed to collect in Tennessee?

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Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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well Tammy---I am going to send them out a debt validation request ASAP. They can answer to that then. I am going to keep doing what I've been doing on this account. They are trying the 'lawyer' scare tactic on me now....(they really are lawyers though), but I am sticking to what I have been doing. this is just more paperwork for my already two inch deep folder!

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imkimssister imkimssister

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Shirley, I think that is exactly what you need to do. If they ever do take you to court can you imagine what the judge would say when he saw all the paperwork you have on this account. He'd probably run away screaming...

Sub: #6 posted on Thu, 09/07/2006 - 14:08

CycloneFan CycloneFan

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If it was to go to court, I would love to be a mouse in the corner when the judge lets them have it.

Sub: #7 posted on Thu, 09/07/2006 - 14:10

Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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I would make a copy of EVERYTHING in that folder, and send it to them in a big giant envelope.

Or via a singing telegram.....SOMETHING to get their

Sub: #8 posted on Thu, 09/07/2006 - 17:05

Jessi Jessi

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Gosh,girl,I rememebr when I first came to the forum and you were dealing with these jerks! I don't know about the attorneys contacting you,but there are attorneys where I live that are also in collections! I know,because I ended up making payments on medical bills forever. But actually,they worked and listened to me more than the stupid Ca. Wells Fargo is insane. LVNV had,or has, an account of mine they bought. Well some dim wit called wells fargo,who in turn contacted me to offer financial help because the said LVNV said I need it! Needless to say,when I wrote CA I put in everything that had transpired with all of them-still waiting on DV! Good Luck-keep us posted,and hang in there :D ...Karen

Sub: #9 posted on Thu, 09/07/2006 - 17:19

Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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LMAO @ the singing telegram idea!

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