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What to do if getting a call from a collection outside my state

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I live in Carmel, Indiana. I am getting call from an agency not in my state that I pay some amount. I am a bit confused. What can I do?

Don't be confused. Take some effective steps instead. The first step you need to take is send a debt validation letter to the collection agency. If they are saying that you owe money, then they should prove it, and that too in writing. Also, check your credit report and find out if this collection agency is listed on your credit report.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Did you ask for validation letter? If no, then ask them to validate your debt by sending a certified letter. If they don't send you validation letter, then relax, they are fake.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Has the agency sent you a collection letter containing your right to request validation days? If not, your right to request validation has not yet been triggered. However, the agency would be in violation of the FDCPA for failing to send you that notice within 5 days after its initial communication (1st call or letter).

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