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The call was on 9/10/13 at 2:15.

Document everything. All calls and #'s and names.

Some from a blocked # called my cellphone they left a message saying that it was in my best intent to resolve this matter asap if not they were going to stop by my work place and serve me. Then they called my work of employment. This time they forgot to block their # 714-221-6250. They asked to speak to HR department. They were busy so they left a message with the recept. saying to call back with a case # and that it was best for me to call and handle it directly with the company. So I called them a few minutes later to the 888-997-1189. The recpt answered URG. and then transferred me with a man who was extremely RUDE.. I said I'm returning a call. they left a message. He said " well you're calling us. and stood quiet and I repeated myself. Then he asked for a case # which I gave him. He then began to explain what was going to happen if I didn't pay.. They were going to garnish my wages, repo my car and freeze my bank accounts! HA! I thought to myself. This has to be a joke.
Only a court of law can do this or the IRS!!..
Do not believe them. Of course I was initially scared but did not believe them!!..

So I kept asking him. So what is this legal act you are talking about?I was looking for the name of a Law or something so I could google it. He was like "WHAT?" really angry by now. I then said. Ok let me call you back since I was at work and I did not want to discuss this. He then said " what are you talking about"? i just hung up.
A few hours later I called back from my cellphone and asked the recpt "where am I calling" she said URG.. I asked "what does it stand for" she stood quiet for a few seconds and kinda stuttered . and said " well im only the recpt. Let me transfer you to the main office" so RED FLAG!!!!!! you work at a place and you don't know what the initals stand for. RIGHT!.. so then I was transferred to the same man who I had spoke to earlier. He right away asked for a case # I gave it to him. and jumped on me.. without let me ask him name. "Oh so you're calling back from two hours ago." i said "Yes I couldn't talk earlier but please explain to me now what this is all about" he then said very upset " I am not going to repeat myself" I told him I need more info and it's my right to know" and he mumbled something and hung up on me. This was another huge flag for me..
Since when does a company trying to collect money treat a person like this.. you want your money you try to work a deal with them.

So right I away i called back to the 888-997-1189 the phone would beep and nothing would happen. I called several times. Then I called the 714-221-6250 the same thing happened. The # was suppose to be from the "local carrier" who was suppose to come serve me.. why did the call sound the same? fishy!!!
ok I blocked my # and tried several times and got nothing..
I waited 1-2 hours and called back the 888-997-1189 and finally the phone rang and It said i had reached the offices of URG to leave a message so I did. I told them to call me back at my cellphone ONLY that its my right to privacy and if they did not honor that I was going to file a complaint. To please call me back and regards to this matter. I needed more information.
it's 8:35 am PST and I have no heard anything yet.

anything similar happen to anyone? by the sounds we've all had different scenarios but it sounds the same.. They want to scare you into paying. I will keep searching in to this. I will not be scammed!!! please be careful anyone. I will post if anything else happens.

This is a scam. Just ignore the calls.

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I got a call today (9/24/13) claiming I was being sued for 6,152 for a debt from 2007. The person I spoke with was very rude and at one point called me a "punk kid" who he didn't have to deal with and threatened to repo cars, freeze accounts, etc. He said I'd be served a summons for the lawsuit tomorrow.

Obviously I was skeptical, but checked them out and they're actually legit - just incredibly rude. They sent me a PDF e-mail verifying credentials that I had my lawyer check out, and I visited their website: DELETED..PM

I don't believe it's a scam, but if it is, I just got taken for a large sum of money. I do believe they employ highly unethical tactics and are extremely rude, but as far as my research tells me, they are a legit debt-collection agency with lawyers who file suits for collection of debt...

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i don't believe you researched jack shit as anybody can have a website.a google search of any numbers they leave has nothing,but complaints.i know they are a scam so take your research and shove it shill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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paulmergel paulmergel
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one of my friends was called by these losers,and their lawyer said the site was so bad it looked like a 10yr old put it again humanoid take your shilldom elsewhere.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Sounds fishy to me!! I have, over the years, came to the conclusion that when some place does not want to give me information, threatens me with being put in jail, freeze accounts, or other dumb things like this and start calling me names, 99.9% of the time they are scams. Just looking up their website does not make them legit. From the sound of the one post, maybe they were someone that works for that "company" and trying to convince everyone else that they are legit. Paulmergel, you are too funny. LOL

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2nband 2nband
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