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Cambece Law: called for an old debt not even mine!!

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I've been getting telephone calls from them in my maiden name (been married 22 years!). Got letter about a supposed debt - not me. Nothing shows on my credit report - what should I do to get them to stop calling, contacting me?

The first thing I would do is send them a debt validation letter. Make them prove it is your debt.

Sub: #1 posted on Thu, 06/12/2008 - 14:15

mobile0311 mobile0311
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I too am a victim of Cambece Law's harrassment. Fortunately, I Googled this firm to check their track record before making any payments to them. I was one day away from making the big mistake and I have all of you to thank for sharing your stories and educating me on Cambece's deceptive practices.

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pretty sure Cambece Law just lost a big class action lawsuit.

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I DV'd cambece law office once...they sent like 3 other letters...then poof...never heard from them again...but they did sell mine to another company who I've Dv'd as well, heard nothing from that one since.

Good luck on yours...

Sub: #4 posted on Mon, 06/08/2009 - 11:17

sphere sphere

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i used to work at cambece, i can tell you that it's not harrasment, the law allows us to, check the fdcpa, as for the account that might be a mistake, next time they call, answer the phone, make sure that the social matches on the account, a lot of times the original creditor gives the wrong address, only because the name matches. They can tell you when it was opened, and if it's fraud let the police take care of it. It might be someone's else's account. By the way if you send a payment to the original creditor, then will send it right to the current owners, or they might not even take it because they no longer have the account. Thanks

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next time they call, answer the phone, and have them verified the social, they can tell you when it was opened, it might be fraud or just a simple name confusion mistake from the original creditor, these accounts are given to collection by the original creditor, they take the info that they receive, it might be someone else, if it's fraud go to the police, if it's not on your credit it's not yours, but to make the calls stop you need to speak up, they will work with you, because to a collector time is money, they're not going to waste time dealing with someone who doesn't owe, trust me i know, good luck

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This guy is a joke. He has been an attorney for 13 years. He had 2 debt collection companies,STONESTREET ACQUISITIONS LLC which was opened 8/3/06 and closed 9/26/06 and First Financial Recovery LTD. from 6/24/02 to 9/21/04.

I see a bad trend in Massachusetts with attorney's in the business of debt collection. Some have collection companies that hide behind the law firms and some don't. There are a lot of lawsuits against these debt collection law firms who only practice debt collection, they are not good lawyers so this is what they do.

I see a future in this state of a lot of attorney's getting disbarred and they will have no choice to close up. They break the laws all the time and don't care. Currently yhe law exempts attorney's from the MA debt collection laws. If a fight is put up, this part of the law will be changed and attorneys will now need to be licensed to collect debt in Massachusetts thus making their job harder and put them out of business.

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Hi i receive a letter from j.a cambece and i live in michigan mostly i searched they only licensed in MA and do i need to deal with them or not! im stressed to these problem! i am looking forward for someone helping me!

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Do any of you know what your talking about? i used to work there and we dont harass anyone, we follow all the fdcpa laws , we tell u options that are LAWFUL and questions that are LAWFUL , so check your facts

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
Do any of you know what your talking about? i used to work there and we dont harass anyone, we follow all the fdcpa laws , we tell u options that are LAWFUL and questions that are LAWFUL , so check your facts

of course you are going to say this.we can't record your threats because you are not on the phone.nice try humanoid.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

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paulmergel paulmergel
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