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I got laid off and hired a debt settlement company to help settle my debt. Out of 7 credit cards I only have 2 left to go and had to remove the debt settlement co. due to shady practices recently. This "Capital Management services" constantly hounds me and usually just leave a message that I need to call back immediately. Well, I owe them 2900.00 (1000 is interest) and call them and offered 30 percent and at first the woman was polite and then transferred me to her manager. Suffice it to say she told me to stop using the children and student "card" and that I shouldn't assume they would take 1000.00 EVER! She wanted 50% on the spot plus the rest in 2 payments...I simply cannot afford that. I started to say that I wish they would work with me and she hung up on me. This was after she was being quite mean about how irresponsible I am. I called them back to let them know I has tried to settle amicably and started to say I didn't appreciate them hanging up on their customers. He said that I am not a customer but a person on collection and they do not have to offer me any good customer service because of it and he hung up! I want to pay this off after I settle another account in process (in a few months or so) I do not want to call them back. Any suggestions?

When I was transferred to speak with the manger and was offered the 50% plus payments and counter-offered with 1000.00 to settle she said the call was being recorded with me refusing to pay debt. I of course answered I was not refusing but attempting to pay with a settlement...anyway she hung up as I stated before.

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