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I'm paying this compay capital recovery money every month. The girl that i'm dealing with has never presented herself to me as being a ca she uses the f!!K word like it's nothing. I have emailed them and they will not respond. She tells me that they send nothing by mail. Im afraid that if i stop paying them they will take me to court. Has anyone ever delt with this company. The oc was a ipdl "ftr" the amount that i borrowed was 500.00 capital recovery wants 800.00 but settled for 622.00 if i agree to the payment arangement of $20.00 twice a month for july and august and $42.00 september 15th and 100 on the 30 of september and another 200.00 in october 200 in november and 100 december 15th. I am willing to pay that but i can not get anything from them in writing telling me that. What should i do keep paying or stop.....

Get everything in writing, if they don't put it in writing, stop making payments; but make sure they don't have your banking information.

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Before sending them a penny, I would DV them first! If they can't validate, they can't collect!

Also, immediately, I would call the FTC, state AG for your state and NY and the BBB and file complaints about the harassment and collection tactics. Meaning they won't verify the information in writing and the use of the f word. These are clear fdcpa violations.

Until they validate the debt, don't send them any money. This sounds like a scam.

Also, do you know if the IPDL was legal to lend to you? If not, then the CA is not allowed to collect on an illegal debt!

Sounds like you can probably get out of this. You just have to do some legwork.

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desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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HelpMe. . .I believe that the Niargara Falls Office is an affiliate of the one mentioned below. Hopefully this will give you some insight as to what they are all about.

"A statewide class action has been filed in Indiana against Capital Recovery Associates, Inc. who operate under the name CRA Security Systems. The action is brought on behalf of all Indiana residents who received a form type collection letter demanding immediate payment of the consumers???????? alleged debt. The action is brought under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and seeks statutory damages as well as injunctive and declaratory relief.

According to consumers, Capital Recovery used language in its initial collection letters that was confusing and deceptive. Federal law requires that all collection services include a notice in their initial collection letters that informs consumers of their right to investigate the validity of a debt within 30 days. Although Capital Recovery's letter contained this notice, consumers allege that other language in the letter overshadowed the notice and rendered it ineffective. Specifically, the letters requested immediate attention by
remitting payment. Consumers allege that by demanding immediate attention and payment, they were unable to determine if they were given 30 days to investigate the validity of the debt, or if they were required to pay immediately. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, any unfair, misleading or intimidating language is forbidden in collection letters or other forms of communication. The consumers allege that the language used by Capital Recovery fulfills this standard and entitles them to statutory damages. According to consumers the potential class is quite numerous, numbering in the thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands."

There are so many unethical groups out there it isn't even funny any more. I know that Atlantic Credit and Finance, who is affiliated with John P. Frye, is also in trouble for the very same thing. I am dealing with them right now but haven't heard peep one in a while. I wouldn't give them anything without validating the debt. That's what I have done. Don't let them intimidate you. Hope this helps ease your mind some.

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llw1995 llw1995

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Ok, if i stop paying them can they take me to court? going to court is my greatest fear. Then again i don't want to pay the CA money and then a year down the line another CA try to collect on the same debit and i have no proof of who i paid. Capital Recovery do not have my bank account # i sent the payment via money gram. I just don't know what to do. The girl that i am dealing with Tasha talks as if we are out on a street corner she uses all the four letter words in the book. She even told me that she looked her company up on the internet and found some bad reviews this company deals with Douglas Burgess. she continues to tell me that she will walk out on the job once she takes care of me and a few other people.

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