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capitol recovery associates harassing me

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These people are rediculus. They call and call, and demand that i pay ore than I can. I offered to pay I told themn I would pay 250.00 even though I knew I could not cause they wouldnt let me do lower than that. They called today and siad that I had to pay offered me a settlement offer, and I am broke at the moment. i offered to pay $50.00 he did not want that, and they said today was the last day they could go, that the clients or whatever would not go anymore and that I had to pay something today. I said that I never recieved anything in the mail from them and he gave me my address and said they had sent something, and that so I remember taking out this loan, and I had taken it out last August or so, but got into deep with PD loans so I had to close bank account. BUT I never recieved anything in the mail from these people at all. he said are you trying to say that we are fraudulent i said I am not saying that, I just never got anythuing in the mail from this company.
He said that he would turn me over to an attorny in my area and i would end up paying for court cost and all that. They are in Niagra Falls NY and I am in Arkansas city kansas. What can they do? i have heard that this company is faudulent, but I do owe this PD loan company. I npppwed $90.00 and they are trying to get $492.00!

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mshirley38 mshirley38

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Welcome to the community mshirley38. I would suggest sending them a debt validation letter first (you can find a good template via my signature link along with a enclosure to send with it from the FTC staff) be sure to send it certified mail, return receipt requested. If they can validate you can take it from there.

In regards to making payments on it you can just send in what you can afford to pay, they can't refuse a payment unless they want to dishonor the contract and void the debt.

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you are calling some one that is not my number, please stop

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These people keep calling me. I don't want to use cell minutes or long distance calling them so does anyone have their email? I have no idea who or what they want but it fills my voicemail with junk.

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