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I have an entry that is on all three credit bureau files. I have submitted disputes several times to all three bureaus stating that it does not belong to me and every time it comes back as verified and not removed.
I sent a debt verification letter to the CA and received a letter back that states:

Mr. Smith
Account number ******* referenced above is no longer in our office and should not be on your credit file.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Tom Edwards
Sr. Vice President

I sent this letter to all three credit bureaus disputing this entry again. Today I received a letter from TransUnion stating that the entry remains and is verified again.
I called TransUnion and asked how it was verified and they stated that the company verified my name, address, phone number and social security number. They also acknowledged the letter was from them but said the negative entry was not ready to be removed from my account and told TransUnion to not remove it so they didn't.
How can they do this? What grounds do I have?
I haven't heard back from Experian and Equifax yet.

Not having the account any longer is not grounds for removal. They had permissible purpose to report...and it will continue to report. Someone at the CA has no clue of the credit reporting rules. They would have to remove the tradelines themselves

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