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threatening calls at my job regarding the balance. Gave my debit card info for pmt, collector is saying unable to process, received another call at work and she s/w 2 coworker and my leader, sharing my personal info. She called again 2/4, left a threatening msg, when I called back within 5 mins no answer. Not sure what to do.

Well, I know what exactly you need to do. You should take legal steps against them because they can't threaten you. It's against the FDCPA law. Moreover, they can't reveal your personal information to anyone. That's is also against the FDCPA law. So, you can report the matter to the state attorney general. Never reveal your debit card number over the phone.

Sub: #1 posted on Wed, 07/31/2019 - 04:23

Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Yes, Nick is right. You should lodge a complaint. If you've informed them not to call at work, they shouldn't contact you there. Moreover, they shouldn't call you before 9 am or after 9 pm.

Sub: #2 posted on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 00:17

Mabelle Page Mabelle Page

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They are not entitled to do so. Make a complaint against them to your state's attorney general.

Sub: #3 posted on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 06:38

Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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