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has anyone dealt with a place in oregon called oregon one Inc. ? thye filed against me, on a cash call loan from a few years back, gopinmgto call to try and set up some sort of payment plan i can stick too. It was with a place calleed Irecovery before, they refused my offe rof a payment plan of 200 a month, then nvee rheard form them for a while, then i get this place filing agaist me,. just trying to figure out if they will work with people.

Oregon One Inc. is a collection agency and I don't have any personal experience working with them. Was the CashCall loan originated by Western Sky? Or was it directly through CashCall?

If you have been served, you need to appear in court on the given date. How long ago did you take the loan?

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 07/03/2012 - 23:24


If the loan has been originated by Western Sky, it is an illegal loan and you nothing more than the original principal. No interest or fees need be paid against this loan.

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it was a cashcall loan

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