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I took an installment loan of $2,000 from CC approximately 3’ish years ago, and now because of interest owe around ~$4,000 (according to Credit Karma).

What are the chances of them ACTUALLY sueing me and giving me papers? I live in San Diego and would appreciate any input.


Cash Central is a legal lender. The loan is in collections already. Now, the collection agency can sue you if you don't make payments soon. Try to settle your payday loans and get rid of the debt. You could have opted for EPP earlier, but now the loan is in collections. So, I don't know if Cash Central would be ready to give you that option.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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You can take help of a professional payday loan settlement company to get rid of this mess. Yes, you'll have to pay a fee but they know the tactics to convince your pdl lender for a good settlement.

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Mabelle Page Mabelle Page

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Conside debt settlement to get rid of these debts. You can approach to the CA.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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